My Deals Fort Wayne announces Black Pine Animal Sanctuary into their line up of deals! This is a deal with a mission! 

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary has a mission: to provide a refuge to captive-raised exotic animals while educating, advocating, and building awareness about animal welfare.

Nestled on 18 acres in Northern Indiana Lake Country, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary is the forever home to over 75 captive raised exotic and wild animals. In 2019 BPAS became the only multi-species Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) accredited sanctuary in the state of Indiana. The sanctuary offers over ½ mile of paved trails which meander through a wooded area with various habitats for wolves, foxes, tigers, bobcats, and bears. In addition to the outdoor habitats, Black Pine contains a Primate House, Reptile House, and Avian Building. Most of the animal residents at BPAS were voluntarily surrendered, however some were removed by legal authorities. As a true sanctuary, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary does not buy, sell, trade, or seek out the animals living here. The animals living at BPAS will have refuge here for the REST of their lives.

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To see more about Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, see all of their animals they care for, and read more about their vision, CLICK HERE!

Certificates expire 90 days after purchase. Certificates ONLY good for the Staff Guided Tours.


Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, West Main Street, Albion, IN, USA