HERE IS YOUR CHANCE to meet a REAL, lifelike dinosaur! My Deals Fort Wayne brings you Dinosaur Meet & Greet from TAG Art Company! These larger-than-life creatures are bound to make some memories (and possibly a couple of messes!)

Perfect for birthday parties (for young and old!), block parties, fundraisers, school events, even corporate events or weddings, TAG Art Company is ready to make your next event memorable in the BIGGEST way! You can reserve one large-size mechanical dinosaur to greet your guests for 30% off! This is a $500 value for only $350! (see picture below for an example of what could be at your next event!)

This deal is perfect for teachers or school administrators with fundraising events at their school, church block parties or VBS days, your next company party, or that dinosaur-obsessed kid in your life who has a birthday coming up! At Tag Art Company, they think everyone could use a little bit of wonder in their lives. They create immersive entertainment experiences that invite you to journey into your sense of awe.

To check out TAG Art Company, see other services and event specialties they provide, or a full list of services they specialize in, please CLICK HERE!

Dates may vary, to check availability before purchasing please call TAG Art Company at (260) 456-6999. Be sure to mention My Deals Fort Wayne!


7629 Moeller Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46806, USA